Simple Present helps you to organize a gift,
together with your friends – without any hassle.

Simple Present

Press release

Berlin, August 17, 2011

‘Simple Present’ web site makes group gifting easier

Birthdays and weddings, friends and colleagues: there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Coming up with original, personal gifts is thereby becoming increasingly difficult.Together, it’s easier: in a group of friends, some savior usually comes up with that perfect idea. Teaming up also increases the overall budget, so bigger gifts become affordable. More participants, that means more ideas and more money. But, sadly, it also means more email back-and-forth and more confusion.Simple Present is a new online platform that solves this problem: after entering the name of the person that is to receive the gift, users are provided a link to share among friends and colleagues via email or through social networks (Fig. 1). Using the link, participants can contribute ideas and cash.

Fig. 1: Users receive a link to share with friends and colleagues who might want to participate in the gift.

Fig. 2: Ideas are collected and voted for by all participants. The more ‘likes‘ an idea receives, the farther it moves downwards in the gift-o-meter, and is thereby marked as ‘funded’ earlier.

The collaboratively brainstormed ideas (Fig. 2) can be marked with a ‘like‘ button – the most popular ideas will then, in the ‘gift-o-meter‘, be displayed as ‘funded‘ first (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3: The gift-o-meter displays successfully funded ideas in green, unfinanced ideas in red. The orange section displays the progress of an idea’s funding.

The service can now be reached through

It is free of charge and requires no sign-up.