Simple Present helps you to organise a gift,
together with your friends – without any hassle.

Simple Present. Easily organise a whip-round, together with your friends.

The 'Group Gift' button

the 'Group Gift' button enables your customers to organise a group gift for a friend. This way, more expensive products within your catalogue can be made more attractive.

You can easily generate a code snippet that will show the Group Gift button in your shop:



You can also generate the button for each of your products, automatically. The HTML code (i.e. the link that is behind the button) is simple:
?g_title=Product name (encoded for URL)
&g_url= (encoded for URL)
&g_price=12.34 (comma or dot as the decimal separator)
&locale=uk"> ("de", "uk" or "us")
<img src=""/>
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