Simple Present helps you to organize a gift,
together with your friends – without any hassle.

Simple Present. Easily organize a gift, together with your friends.

Enter the first name of the person you are organizing a gift for.
No sign-up. No more endless email discussions. 100% free.
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Step 1: Suggest ideas.
You will get a link from us to share with your friends and colleagues. Every participant can propose ideas and, using the 'Like'-Button, vote for ideas.

(If you're buying several presents, you can flag the ones already agreed on as 'BOUGHT'.)
Step 2: Collect cash.
Using the same link, all participants can post how much money they're willing to contribute.

(You'll have to collect the actual cash by yourself. Once that's done, you can flag contributions as 'PAID'.)
Step 3: Follow the Gift-O-Meter.
The more people participate, the more ideas will be proposed -and the more cash will be contributed. The most popular ideas will get funded first.

(You can enter a date by when a decision must be made.)
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Organizing a is easy with Simple Present, it makes coming up with a stress-free.
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